Centralized Repair Solutions

Our repair solutions offer a host of specialised services well integrated into a one-stop-solution through repair hubs spread PAN India to deliver quick and efficient repairs on your behalf. Customers demand quick and efficient repairs, no matter how complex the process might be. We don’t blame them. As a customer, they do have the right to expect it from the brand they’ve placed their trust in and therefore from us as well Through integrated IT processes, we have control over every step of the process so that we become accountable for the minutest detail in the entire repair process.

Centralised repair offers the advantages of every aspect of the business working at optimal levels to provide high quality services with consistent quality, low bounce and lowest cost of repair and minimum Turn Around Times. (TAT). Centralised repair allows us to:

  • Provide continuous training to keep pace with changing technologies.
  • Implement systematic quality processes in every aspect of the business.
  • Keep employees motivated and trained because a larger workforce per location provides a better work environment. Small repair Centres suffer from high employee turnaround
  • Maintain a larger volume of spares and therefore ensure better spares availability and faster turnaround.
  • MIS and Systems can be integrated into every aspect of the business  thus offering better control and the ability to scale quickly
  • Offer Auxiliary Services such as electroplating, special labels, barcoding, painting, ultrasonic welding, vibration testing, etc

Yes, we can repair that too!

Apart from major devices and appliances, we can also carry out repair at a component level on small and micro equipment and devices. . Our strength lies in managing, warehousing, logistics, fulfilment, repair and spare parts.

The following industries benefit from our expertise :

  • Automotive electronics- computer control modules
  • Wireless and RF technology products WiFi/ LAN modems
  • Computer industry – laptops PCs, printers / routers/ SMPS
  • Industrial Electronics:  Industrial control panels.
  • Telecom Industry: Set Top Boxes s, Phones, Tablets/
  • Large Appliances: TVs, Monitors
  • White goods: Microwave, Refrigerators, washing machines, Aircon
  • Security Electronics: scanners, Cameras, DVRs

Infrastructure at your disposal

How will we fulfil your large scale repair requirements?


Through our 5 repair hubs covering an area of over 8000 square meters. We’re present in Ahmedabad with 2 repair hubs, and one each at Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, Rajkot, Jamnagar.

Our repair centres are equipped with sophisticated infrastructure: They are:

  • ESD compliant, providing L3/ L4 repair with 14 BGA rework machines in controlled environments for fine pitch SMD, PTH, micro BGA and BGA component rework
  • Have Continuous CCTV monitoring with offsite back-up
  • Magnetic swipe card based access control
  • Automatic call distribution with IP phones
  • Software, BIOS upgrade and software customization
  • GSM  testers
  • LED Panel repairs with OCA and glass repair
  • HEPA filter system for class 100/1000 repair clean room
  • Power supply, hi-pot testing
  • 1000V DC insulation resistance measurement
  • 5KV HV breakdown testing
  • Voice and data connectivity through PRI/ Leased Line, microwave and fibre optic voice and data/internet connectivity
  • Surge/ Discharge testing

Scaling IT integration peaks with shERPa

Flexibility is the key to integrated processes. At QarmaTek™, our processes are streamlined through our customized ERP system – shERPa. It is built on years of experience and knowledge and it continues to evolve to serve new unique requirements.

shERPa is flexible enough to provide a range of details customized to individual customer needs. This ultimately makes the repair process faster and more efficient.

Here’s a list of the features our ERP offers:

  • Integrated call centre and Web driven Return Authorisation (RMA/GRA)
  • Repair data history, predictive failure and repair modelling
  • Spares and defectives inventory management
  • Door-to-door track and trace capability
  • APIs with customers and logistics providers
  • MIS reporting and process control
  • Mobile Applications with the following capabilities:
    • GPS based biker auto dispatch and control
    • Retail sales, and invoicing management
    • Customer Registration and testing App ,
    • Automated Mobile testing and upload with Auto Insurance premium determination
  • Large storage for images/ documents required for insurance and customer appeal
  • Powerful rack based computers
  • Disaster planning with Redundancy, on and offsite storage
  • Web access/Portal  for data entry and reporting and payments,
  • Microwave, PRI and Leased line redundancy

Still need to know more?